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Your Family's Best Life

Here I am, on an airplane flying home from picking my kids who spent much of the summer with their grandparents, reflecting on the end of another summer – and beginning to a new school year.

Like you, I’m on a mission to help my kids have the best childhood possible. I want them to learn all the things they need to know and develop all the skills they need to have to be successful children, adolescents, and eventually adults and someday parents themselves - while making sure to leave plenty of time for fun and what should be care-free joys of childhood. There’s a lot of information out there on how to do this well. It’s hard to decipher it all. But I want to try.

In addition to being a mom, I also am a pediatrician. I’m not just interested in helping my own kids succeed. I want all kids to succeed. I most definitely do not have all the answers. But I have access to a ton of information, some training that will help me interpret it, on-the-ground experience living this all out with my own family, a hundred encounters every week with my patients and their families, and a strong desire to share what I find out.

Which leads me to this blog. I know that kids succeed when they are a member of a strong family. Families are what grounds us. And families are what help us succeed. This blog won’t just be about raising healthy kids. Instead it is about growing healthy families, striving for Your Family’s Best Life.

Posts will center around what I consider 5 key areas of good health and well being:

· Nutrition

· Physical Activity

· Sleep

· Screen time

· Stress management.

To learn more about me and my background in these areas, check out my bio at

Thank you for joining me on this adventure!


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