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Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals

Develop the knowledge base you need to integrate the science of nutrition and the latest evidence into your scope of practice. Explore the relevance of sports nutrition to each of the major allied health professions and understand the role it plays in each.

Step-by-by, you’ll learn about the scientific basis of sports nutrition and how to apply the physiology to real-life situations and interactions with clients. You’ll follow four different clients as they are evaluated by a variety of health professionals and undergo a series of assessments and self-administered tests.

From the relationship between nutrition and exercise to new foods, supplements, and special diets, you’ll be prepared to educate clients about the relationship between nutrition and exercise and to evaluate and optimize their nutritional status.

Coaching Behavior Change

Coaching Behavior Change was created by ACE to help practitioners from a wide range of fields develop the hands-on, practical skills necessary to lead diverse clients and patients to sustainable, healthy change. In addition to new research on coaching and behavior change, the text offers insight from leaders including practicing physician Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH, RD; Billie Frances, MA, Board-certified Life Coach, licensed therapist and founder of Guiding Mindful Change; Linda Fogg-Phillips, MS, an expert in health behavior design, health coaching and Tiny Habits®; and other ACE experts. Rooted in competencies utilized by the International Coach Federation, Coaching Behavior Change provides a deeper understanding of the ACE (Awareness, Choice, Execution) Cycle of Change and how it can be applied in real-life coaching scenarios.


Family Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey

This short and easy to complete assessment will allow you to evaluate your family's home environment with regard to nutrition and physical activity. The survey only takes about 5 minutes to fill out and will provide you and your family with valuable information and tips about promoting healthy lifestyles in your family. 

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Is Your Child’s Physical Development On Track?

Use this website to learn more about physical developmental delays for children ages 5 and under. The information is meant to help you start a conversation with your child’s pediatrician. 

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Quick Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy

AAP worked with parents to create these quick tips to help your family eat healthy, move more, and have a healthy weight for life. 

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