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Flip Phones Rule

A study came out today looking at the impact of screen time on kids' academic performance. While it showed varying effects for different kinds of media for both kids and teens, the bottom line is no big surprise -- too much screen time hurts kids grades. It also isn't so good for their health, socialization, self esteem, or behavior. Not to say all screen time is bad, but it is to say (in my view) that smartphones where kids can have nearly unlimited access to all kinds of different media (most of which does not benefit their brain or social development) are best avoided for as long as possible. So I am on campaign to promote flip phones. They serve the essential function of being able to get in touch with your kid when you need to. And they can call you too. And their friends if they want to get together. But there's no social media. No internet surfing. And no risk of 'texting thumb'. Will you join me in taking the pledge waituntil8th (or later)?


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