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"Eat Your Vegetables" and other mistakes parents make:
New book redefines how to raise healthy eaters

Eat Your Vegetables and other mistakes parents make How do you get a picky eater who refuses everything to ask for fruits and vegetables? How do you get children to try more nutritious foods when all they want is something sweet and salty? How do you raise healthy eaters without constant mealtime battles?

Dr. Natalie DigateMuth, pediatrician, registered dietitian, and mother of two, shows parents how to – step by step – shape the child psyche to help kids embrace fruits, vegetables and myriad other healthful foods without constant mealtime battles, bribes and downright coercion. The strategies, tailored to a child’s age and development, are
based on scientifically-proven research, real-life anecdotes and expert advice.

Dr Mary Saph Tanaka

Mary Saph Tanaka

"As parents, we all struggle with how to get our children to actually want to eat a healthy, balanced, diet," said Muth. "As a formerly obese child, a mother of a once-picky eater and a pediatrician acutely aware of the epidemics of obesity and inactivity in our children, I am highly motivated to help children and parents work together – free of mealtime battles -- to adopt healthy eating and activity habits."

Each chapter is followed by simple, delicious, and kid-friendly recipes developed by Dr. Mary Saph Tanaka, pediatrician and talented amateur chef, that help readers immediately turn the information contained within the chapters into action – starting with the next meal or snack.